Moth Worlds

Well, my 20 minutes in the boat before going really showed. The massive winds at Torbole bringing some pretty large waves with it was a pretty harsh testing environment to learn to sail a new boat in!
The new boat has proven to be solidly built though, with so many crashes and pitchpoles over the course of the week (and yet another expensive pair of sunnies consigned to the bottom of a lake). Its also been a bit of a pain to control, soon traced back to a small sized flap on the daggerboard causing my body weight to be far more crucial to flying than it should be, it’s impossible to be in the right place all the time when you are overtaking the wave crests at 20 knots! This is now hopefully remedied and going back into testing at the weekend I’m confident that the Samurai will be competitive with the best of them.

All the pre worlds trash talk from Bladerider showed to be pretty true, with a superior control system on the foils making the boats very sailable on the big days, this advantage did dissapear on the last day when the sailing was a little more sensible though, so it will be interesting to see if they are actually any faster. They did however display a spectacular penchant for exploding in a varying array of manners (even the deck fell off one…) and a massive pile of destoyed foils must be stacked up somewhere! All this should be sorted pretty soon though and the BR will be a welcome addition to the fleet.

Team GB showed some great cameraderie in the harsh conditions with the Adam May instigated saluting providing amusement to the rest of the fleet, tea breaks on the lawn in the middle of the boat park and massive Aardvark/Fullforce/May boat repair training sessions and the threatened Tom Whicher boat pimping mission. Many people learnt the hard way that Rods 90 second epoxy was pretty much water soluble. Garys immense Aviators and the Felt Cruiser provided amusement for the rest of us.

Weymouth Nationals is going to be ace, Weymouth worlds next year is going to be even better….

Garda Gallery

There will be a bit of a write up to follow, but heres a few choice photos from the trip in the meantime… Tally ho!

Packed for Garda

The trailer is sorted, the boats are tied on, the foils might fit in the car…

Ferry late tonight, hopefully in sunny Garda by tomorrow evening! Yay!

Silver Samurai Launch

New boat got launched on Saturday… Only enough wind at the end of the day for a quick 20 minute blast, but she popped up first time and behaved herself.

Not much preperation for a world championships, but it will be a nice holiday either way.

Thanks to Gary @ P&B; for the loan of his spare sail to get me going and Miss Wilkins for remembering to take a couple of pics!


With this latest moth design – the SK3.355 – we believe, no, we know that by increasing the transom width by over 200% we will have achieved 56.3456897% earlier take off. You know what that means? This moth won’t even need hydrofoils to get flying!* How’s that for extreme?! Watch out Garda…the Fat Bottomed Girl is coming to town.

(*pre-on-the-water test results have confirmed this to be .347% fact).

New Mothy at Bristol

My old National 12 sparring partner Chris Bishop has just joined the Mothy ranks at BCYC having picked up Alan Watson’s old Axeman 5 number 4026. He’s planning on lowriding for a bit then getting on with the conversion later in the year….

Going to have the biggest UK fleet at this rate!

Silver Samurai

Well, the new boat is nearly ready. Still a small list of things to sort on it (like getting the daggerboard to fit without the use of a mallet) but I should finally get a sail in on Wednesday which leaves all of a week to get some practice in before the worlds in Italy!

Roll on Garda…

The weekend that wasn't quite

Weymouth didn’t quite live up to its normal expectations last weekend, with 6 knots most of the weekend and a sea breeze failed to beef it up.

So, no sailing for me, although I did get to check out Adam May’s new weapon of a moth in his build shed…

Roll on Garda!