Bladerider upgrades

We’ve been having very good results fitting Rocket rudders onto the Bladerider Moth.The standard Bladerider rudder ventilates in cold water and, due to its shorter length relative to the mainfoil, reduces the potential ride height.

The main benefits from a Rocket upgrade are:

  • Reduced ventilation
  • Improved ride height
  • Improved height control

The sum of these is a reduction in drag and better speeds attained in the lower to middle wind ranges. The smaller Rocket foils do not worsen the take off speeds and with some tweaks this can in fact be improved upon.

Prices are excluding VAT. Please contact us for a full quote.

BR standard Rocket Rudder inc. twist grip tiller and foilbag £1350
BR HM Rocket Rudder inc. twist grip tiller and foilbag. £2050

Replacement Daggerboard Vertical section for Bladerider.
We’ve recently found that our original vertical section from the Standard Rocket foils can fit the Bladerider horizontal with very little work and only slight modifications to the boat, therefore we are offering these as replacements for BR owners who need new verticals or would like an upgrade. All the standard BR bellcranks and pushrods can be used.

Standard BR vertical. Already stiffer than standard BR foil: £700
High Modulus BR vertical. Very very stiff!: £1100

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