Ninja Spares

While we’re no longer producing the Ninja, we have moulds available for rental, and will continue to supply spares and foils as required. The new Rocket foils are backwards compatible with the Ninja so you can stay at the sharp end.

The 2012 Ninja Moulds are available to home builders in the UK at £300 per boat use provided no copies are made from it. £100 of this is to be paid to Kevin Ellway for the design royalty.

For spares prices, see below. Prices are excluding VAT. Please contact us for a full quote.


Spares list


Rocket HM

Hydrofoil Daggerboard finished in Durapox Matt Grey inc foilbag £1250 £1750
Hydrofoil Rudder finished in Durapox Matt Grey inc foilbag £1350 £1850
Carbon tube rudder gantry, inc basic angle adjustment £300
Carbon prodder, including fore/aft adjustment £150
Stainless ‘L’ rocker arm £10
Ride height adjuster barrel £40
M4 L/H fork for RH barrel £10
Boat end Mast heel plug with
12mm stainless pin
3mm Stainless hull pushrod £25
2mm Stainless daggerboard pushrod £20
Creation dacron tramps with glass rods
for lacing
Creation top cover £250
Creation foilbags £130
Aardspar HM Mast £800
Aardspar HM 2 piece Mast £860
Aardspar HM Boom £370
2mm Stainless Rod Stays £220
2.5mm 1×19 wire rigging £55