Evening all

Well, it’s been a while.
I was promising myself that I wasn’t going to be one of those people that let the blogging slip, but unfortunately the simple fact is that I haven’t been Moth sailing! I was thinking about boring you all with the 9 tons of topsoil Em and I had to move to level the back garden or the foundations for my shed so I can finally empty the workshop of my toy boats/junk – I just don’t think that would cut it on the Bristol Moth Blog.
So whats been going on? Well, Alan and Leo have both been spotted out at the club, along with our new Bristol Mothie Ben who has just picked up a Hungry Tiger conversion to learn the ropes on. Darren had a ‘slight skiing incident’ which has precluded sailing while Martin got his eyes lazered a month or so ago and is only just at the ‘water safe’ stage. I’ve tried to get out to the club a couple of times but have been foiled (ha, love a good pun) by a lack of breeze.
I was promising myself in the autumn last year that I’d sail all winter and stick to my fitness regime and be on top of my game when the season came around. That went out the window with the house move and while I’m probably fitter than I have been at the start of a season I’ve only sailed three times this year and already managed to miss the first open!

Anyway, my more productive Moth related event was the dinghy show. Shredder was on display along with Master Payne’s Abarth Mach 2 and an endless loop of fun Moth videos to keep the public entertained. Interest was high and thankfully fewer than normal asking about the ‘funny bit on the bow’
I’d like to thank my partner in crime for the weekend James Phare for putting me up and jollying around Chinatown and trying to find the Lark party. Si Payne for lending his boat and spending most of the show on the stand with me and James. Others to thank are Jason Russell, Neil Baker, Jo Wellard, Adam May, Katherine Knight, Mike Lennon and anyone I’ve forgotten for lending their time. We actually had a good laugh on the stand and I really enjoyed it.
Next up is Parkstone. I’m really hoping to have been sailing by then and will hopefully tell you all about it!