All quiet on the Weston front

Life in Weston Super Mare has been pretty quiet lately. I sold my boat to DJ Edwards straight after Travemunde and have been getting my new one together slowly. This means no sailing (not full size anyway). It also means I will have a boat all through winter and will keep this one through to Garda, which means an uninterrupted run-up to a big event – something I’ve never managed before because I thought I knew better!
The new boat is mostly tweaks, with a few things taken onboard from Mr Rashley and a couple of things I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Hopefully I will be back on the water by Torbay albeit with a non-standard set of foils initially while the foil moulds go back to my good friends at Fathomtree in Nottingham in for a couple of tweaks while I’m on a well earned holiday!
Anyway. Enjoy this piece of vanity – should keep my sponsors happy! Thanks Anya!



4 Replies to “All quiet on the Weston front”

  1. Hi, sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place, but i couldn't find contact details. I will be in Bristol over the next month, and am looking to buy a moth. Do you know of any for sale in the area? Looking to spend around £5/6000

  2. Hi Fintan,Don't know of anything off the top of my head. Will ask around and see if anyone want's to shift anything. Do you have something in mind?CheersMike

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