Day one. One race.

We had both an eventfull and eventless day!

We launched into a nice foiling breeze and got away nicely. I had a hundred yard lead on Jason before the wind went squiffy and Chris went past both of us. We lowrided down the last run only to have the race abandoned a hundred yards from the finish… After sitting around for a while we were sent back in to wait – I’d just decided to order a pizza when the race officer decided we were going back out!

Actual race one took place in marginal conditions and the Ninja’s really shone taking the top 4 places with Chris just edging out Jason on the line and me a few seconds later after throwing my chance undercooking my final layline.

We then sat around a bit more, one start was abandoned in the sequence and another general recalled. We probably should have gone straight into another sequence then as the breeze was pretty good but we hung around a bit longer and then headed back in.

Last nights entertainment was on the barque (tall ship) Passat where we had a free hot buffet laid on with a couple of the other fleets and more free drinks before Ben and Josh led the charge onto the other side of the river to the beach club. I got a bit over excited when we finally found the donuts I’d been smelling from on the water.

Thankfully for a few sore heads there isn’t much wind this morning so we’re held onshore and the dash for cash has been put back even later in the week!

Not to worry, we’re having a good time and a lof of people are making the most with some serious boatwork…