The curse of the moth nationals…

Day two of the moth nationals. Its currently blowing up to 30 knots and doesnt look like abating over the course of the day. Currently looking like were going to do the agm this morning and then make a decision on where to can it for the day.

Day one was a bit of a baptism of fire with a nice chop going around with 15-20 knots at times. I was late getting onto the water and only just made the start of race one and capsised three times up the first beat while getting myself figured out as my flat water settings obviously weren’t u to it! I pulled through the fleet over the next few laps and unded somewhee in the teens.
Race two I got my act together and didn’t do anything silly pulling from 5th up to 3rd by the finish.
Unfortunately race three saw a return to my usual form, failing to make my first tack twice. There then happened to be a nice set of standing waves/wash from a passing ferry that saw about a dozen of us all stacked at the top mark going nowhere… A pretty dismal showing from my good self really but i was starting to get the hang of my annual outing on waves!

Jason Belben was on top, with a 1,1,2 followed by Arnaud, Si Payne and Chris Rashley all charging hard…

In the dinghy park, theres a few interesting developments. Arnaud has moved back to the larger Mach 2 rudder and also cut down his mainfoil slightly. I think that might have been the result of a night out in Portsmouth though. Most of the top guys are running adjustable wand length of some descripton. Mike and Richie are running a new evo of the current Hyde main and seem to be better paced when the breeze is up.

Now I’ve found the code for the wifi I’ll try and get online a bit more. I’m also posting to the IMCA UK Twitter twitter feed when i can.