Minor Bristol Mothing

Not much has been going on since the Nationals. Tom and Alan have been off with their boats to Rock and Falmouth respectively to get in some sneaky practice away from my watchful gaze!

I got out for my first post Nationals sail on Wednesday with Tom only to be greeted by 20-25 knots and piles off weed lying around the lake making it less pleasant than needed. We’ve both decided to scarper off down to Foiltown on Saturday to try and get some real sailing in – time is running out before hitting the road to Silvaplana and I feel rusty!

On the tinkering front I’ve been busy butchering cams with the aim of trying to fit an extra one in the head of the sail to alleviate a bit of a crease that has appeared which has really smoothed out the head of the sail and given a much more progressive camber up the sail as it seemed to be flattening out too early in the top. I haven’t yet decided whether to use the new Ellway sail at the euro’s but it’s currently looking good. I’ve just taken delivery of one of the new standard Hydes so I have a backup…