Forming an opinion

Well the nationals is finally upon us for another year and with the lack of any form guides on the web I’m sitting in my hotel writing one before heading down to the club!

Top gun has to be Simon Payne. He’s world number one for a reason and while he’s not had much time on the water that has never stopped him before.

Jason Belben is my next pick. He sails a lot and has had the better of Payne in several nationals – more likely to shine given a lighter regatta.

Mike Lennon has been sailing hard all year and has seems to be on top of his sail development with some cracking looking new rags. Very fast but too many toys in his boat for my liking…

I think Jason Russell is going to surprise a lot of people this year. He’s fit and sails hard and has obviously been training hard at HISC.

I tipped DJ Edwards last year and the boyo let me down in the epic saundersfoot conditions. I still think he could be up there as he is a smart sailor with probably on of the best sorted bladeriders going. Perhaps the shifty Torbay breeze will play to his strengths?

As usual, I’m not tipping myself. I’ve barely sailed, have a ridiculous rig and some experimental sails. Maybe it will all come together… Just maybe!

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