Queen Mary Coaching Weekend

We had a unprecedented turnout of 16 boats at QMSC over the weekend with plenty of new faces turning out to polish their skills and several people stepping foot in Moths for the first time!

While I will admit that my organisation left a little to be desired, I’m pretty sure everyone left the weekend with some new tricks to ponder over. We have a ton load of footage of people which I am currently sifting through at the moment and getting up onto Youtube. While it won’t win any awards for cinematography it does at least allow people to go back over it and see what they were doing.

So thanks to Alex Adams and Doug Pybus for helping out on the water with Phillipe and Helen covering the video on Saturday. James Roche and Ben Sutcliffe helped out with on the water footage on Sunday and some yelling of times for our mini racing sessions…

I had a great weekend and I hope everyone else did too! Heres the first video, I’m afraid it’s me as it was the easiest one to pick out of the clips with that sail…


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