Sunday sailing

While another world championships was being wrapped up (well done Si), Leo and myself were out enjoying the sunshine and the first double figure (air, but certainly not water!) temperatures of the year with a bit of a sail down at Axebridge.

I did the first race of the day in the blustery 15-20knots which was all over the place at times – it’s very difficult trying to test out gear when the wind is like this as the combination of vicious gusts and big shifts mean you can’t settle down and get a handle on things. I’m still pretty happy with how the crazy sail is behaving and have a couple of things in mind to improve a couple of its foibles. I’m very keen to sail with it against some fast boats and see how it stacks up as I have effectively been sailing in isolation all winter….

Leo had a wild ride and has posted his first 20 club speed, jumping on the ladder at 21.7 knots! I got very excited by my 25.9 before I spotted the units were in mph – I wondered why my takeoff speeds were a bit high…
Leo wasn’t the only new 20+knotter over the weekend, with Jo Evans pushing her Ninja into the 20 knot club down at Stokes Bay which is quite an achievement given the Solent chop!

More sailing this sunday, hopefully team Wales will be joining us, along with a new Mothy in the shape of Darren Mcnamara who was bought Alan’s Prowler.

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