Carbon badassery

Ninja Tuna is now ready and raring to go. Tried to go launch her this weekend but discovered that you can walk across most of the lake at the moment as the water level is so low! Should be going down to Torquay for an unofficial open this weekend if the forecast looks OK…

Got some interesting sail development stuff going on at the moment with Mike Lennon and Kevin Ellway working on a prototype sail for me which I’m looking forward to getting my hands on. Building is in full swing at Aardvark HQ with a boat for Jason Belben half done and Olivier Vidal following soon after but after a long spell off the water I’m looking forward to actually going sailing myself!

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  1. Pink – the new black 🙂 Looks great Mike, just don't expect to push starts and not get picked from the crowd of clear carbon and white boats!

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