Riding the Tide

Hayling did the usual thing it does most octobers and blew it’s nuts off. Leaving us all trying to cram in a load of races on the Sunday. The Moths had the biggest turnout at the event, which was great news although the Hayling fleet alone could have added 50% to the numbers if they had all gone sailing!

The breeze was blowing across the club, making things pretty shifty and there wasn’t quite enough wind to keep foiling all the way meaning the fleet spread out quite a lot and shutting out most people from the 5 minute time window after the first place finisher.
Fat Bottomed Girl was doing me proud though, as once she was foiling she was putting many of the newer boats to shame! The setup and geometry was a bit of a best guess and the lack of early foiling could have been solved with a bit more a-o-a on the main foil – unfortunately I had no time for a test sail to figure such things out…

In most races I managed to sneak into the top 5 at the windward mark, but the runs were always my undoing as I seemed to luck out with lulls and fluffed gybes and at least one HISC rib driving in front of me while not looking… I was certainly in the top half of the fleet by the finish of most races. Unfortunately Hayling decided to run a final race at nearly 4 oclock in the afternoon leaving me with little time to pack up and get home so I decided to skip this part.

It was quite an interesting format, with a miniseries in the morning counting for half of your score and the final race counting for the other half. The slalon style gated course was actually quite entertaining and certainly put boat handling to the test.
Adam put in a good score in the miniseries but lost it in the final to Rod Harris who is continuing his fine form and showing everyone the Prowler still cuts it at the pointy end.

My new Ninja is about to have some paint thrown its way – will get some pictures up when she starts looking finished. I am really looking forward to getting back on the water for the winter and all the crazy handicap events England throws at us!