2009 Moth Nationals

I’ve just returned from a few days holiday in Wales following the Nationals, so thought I’d go through the event while it was still vaguely fresh in my head!

What a rollercoaster ride. Saundersfoot delivered some pretty crazy conditions with 15-25 knots and some big swells (well, being a pond sailor, probably not that big!) Everything was pretty tight at the top between Mike L, Rodders and myself and to be honest no-one on the beach after sailing knew who’d got it and we were all wondering around the beach congratulating each other anyway. Such is the way of the Moth fleet – most people were just glad to be alive after some of the sailing we had…

I had plenty of speed and control, leading to three bullets, but a lack of experience and a little bad luck took their toll when things were otherwise going well. It’s amazing how rapidly things can unravel! My 9th in race 5 had started so well until I wiped out on top of the windward mark avoiding an excersise in reverse parking by Paul Hayden and it took me so long to unwrap myself and do my turns that the fleet was long gone… I was also leading the penultimate race before a shocker of a downwind where I just couldn’t get going again after a wipeout.
Nothing like making life hard for yourself anyway…

The usual Mothy Spirit was in full flow, plenty of fixing parties trying to heal collective wounds to make sure everyone back on the water the following day.

I still can’t quite believe it and every now and again have a little chuckle to myself. Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages over the past few days, Kevin for designing a fast hull and foils, along with everyone who has supported me and Emma for putting up with my sailing related nonsense when I should be worrying about the wedding!