Faster than a speeding seagull

I think I might use that on my marketing blurb. Flying into a flock of them parked on the lake today and upwind in 12 knots they couldn’t get away…

Today was one of the first times I’ve had a good breeze in which I can just get out and practice and it made a welcome change, getting about 5 hours in on the water. This gave me the chance to play with gearing a little and practice my manuevers with the result being actual no-touch foiling tacks. They are certainly not every time, and certainly not to the level of Mr Lister down in Aus, but they are there.
Need to get out a bit more and get the consistency up a bit now, but the timing couldn’t be better with Weymouth this weekend… Doesn’t change the fact that on the race course I’m a muppet, but at least I can handle the boat!
Tried to get a race in this evening but the wind was a bit all over the place and it was looking like it would finish a bit later than planned. They don’t seem to be able to keep track of me around a course anyway!

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