Finally on the water

A lot of stuff going on down the club today. I got down the club early to get my new foils fitted and this took a whole lot more faffing than intended but I got there in the end.

While messing around with my boat, I found time to sort out Secret Squirrel and her new owner Paul Rigg. He’s a Queen Mary mothy but about to move up to Scotland so we might not see the Squirrel for a while. There was a good breeze blowing so Paul took her for a spin and quickly got a handle on things.
Leo was back out in the Pimp Ninja and after a few tuning mods he was flying around merrily.

New foils were really good and while they were barely finished and in need of some polish initial impressions are good – flys earlier and stalls later… No GPS as I couldn’t find it though. Will go into more detail in a new post soon.