Ship shape and Bristol fashion

Well, almost anyway…

The last two weeks have been pretty busy for me with getting my new foil tooling up and running and I’ve just finished putting the last coat of gloss on my new set of Ninja foils. With all being well I might actually get out onto the water again. It will be a good chance to test out my shiny new sail which arrived last week with my funky ninja logo in the corner.

All has been quiet on the Bristol Mothing front lately. Martin has been pretty busy with work and not been able to get out lately and while Emma is mumbling that it might be warm enough to go sailing again it has left Alan the only Mothie getting out on the lake. Leo managed to get out in his freshly converted Pimp Ninja on Sunday and while it needs a few tuning tweaks was all good.

However our numbers are about to be bolstered again as former lowrider Chris Bishop has seen the light and is selling his 700 and getting a Ninja lined up…

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