Ninja + old foils = Ninja Squirrel

With a busy few weeks of moving house and post dinghy show sorting out I still haven’t got as far as new foil moulds for the Ninja project so I have been taking my spare moments where I can find them and making all the bits from Secret Squirrel fit the new boat and setting up wands and the like. Colours aren’t especially tasteful mind as the pink clashes with the green!

Today should have been a good opportunity for a test sail in the new boat but unfortunately it was blowing 30 knots so I went off blast around the Mendips on my mtb instead and found a nice little downhill spot which I hadn’t spotted on my previous rides.

Wait and see for the weekend – unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time on Saturday and have to do race duty cover on the Sunday. Not much time for a workup before Hayling at Easter and the following open meeting…

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