The Mini 40 Challenge

Due to too much wind at the Tide Ride, too much thinking and tea drinking was done. We all threw around some ideas and this was one of the sillier ones but I thought was worth a shot. Build a Mini40 multihull and take it to some Moth opens next year for something to do when not sailing real boats.

For those of you that haven’t come across these yet, a Mini40 is based on the old Formula 40 multihulls from the 80’s. Its an anything goes radio control boat. Carbon hulls, wing masts, hydrofoils – if you can dream it, build it! Having grown up following the F40 circuit around due to my fathers penchant for building sillier boats than me, this idea quickly took hold in my head.

So my first shot was the obvious one, a Mini version of the French Hydroptere! I dont think it’s going to prove itself fast around the course, but it will be interesting to see just how quick in a straight line it could be…

Now I can safely say that it does indeed foil, although it is currently rather unruly and has had me trying to lasso it from the shore to right it after pitchpoling. But, as the saying goes, pics or it didn’t happen – trying to take photos with one hand of something that is trying its hardest to capsize while controlling it with the other hand is pretty hard going! Will collar an innocent bystander next time.

Not sure who else is actually building anything, but I dont think I will be on my own…

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  1. Nice! Strike one to Team Aardvark. However, as we know, I laugh in the face of time on the water. The foiler will stand no chance against my mighty design..

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