Tide ride this weekend

I got a brief sail in yesterday, but called it off short after a nice line squall came in along with 30 knots. I did learn that you can make a Moth go sideways upwind while airborne in the bigger gusts when the flow around the daggerboard breaks down. I thought my foil had broken as it was so sudden!

Anyway, The Tide Ride at Hayling Island is this weekend – the entry list is looking good for the Moths first year at the event but the wind is looking like its going to be a bit too full on for good racing and more a question of surviving…
Sam Pascoe is making a welcome return in a borrowed boat although I’m not sure who’s as the entry list is saying Alex Knight’s and Alex Adams says he’s taking his old boat…

Sensible money is on Simon Payne in his last event on the Prowler although Jason Belben always gives him a run in the breeze… I’m by no means fit enough for a windy weekend, but with the Squirrel handling as well as it is it will be interesting to see how things go!

Moth 3152 Chris Anstead
Moth 3207 Tim Penfold
Moth 3230 Tom Whicher
Moth 3239 Sam Pascoe
Moth 3243 Michael Lennon
Moth 3259 Simon Payne
Moth 3261 Gary Ireson
Moth 3327 Danny Clark
Moth 3366 Alex Adams
Moth 3370 Martin Fear
Moth 3371 Mike Cooke
Moth 3373 Adam May
Moth 3377 David Hopper
Moth 3467 Rod Harris
Moth 4052 Helen Rollinson
Moth 4073 Adrian Murphy
Moth 4076 Tim Boon
Moth 4088 Jason Russell
Moth 4090 Jason Belben
Moth 4093 Ant Chapman
Moth 4094 Ricky Tagg
Moth 4103 James Roche