Norfolk Punt club regatta…

In no particular order…

  • Emma, chillin’ on the tea raft/committee raft/mooring raft
  • The Tea hut, complete with old school kettles…
  • The White boat fleet – also known as travelling road block
  • Andrew Friends Punt, giving me a lift to my moored Moth
  • Me, pootling about on the Saturday in not a lot of wind
  • Me, saluting on my now mudweight moored Moth
  • The committee hut
  • Swimming back from the Moth
  • Andrew in his Bladerider
  • A White boat, and a Shed – not sure if they are actually called Sheds, but everyone referred to them as such!
  • Mooring raft action
  • 3 Moored Moths
  • Fudge

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