Weekend warriors

This weekend has seen the most sailing I have done for ages! Saturday was blowing 15-17 knots and both Martin and myself were out blasting and practicing maneuvers. Martin set the pace for the day with a 23.5 knot speed early on in a big gust of wind on the Morocco Mole which is his new personal best. 

My morning session saw only 21.5, so had to get back out there in the afternoon and get him back. Had a few downwind works with some nice puffs and had only managed 22.7 and just as I was about to call it a day got a monster gust and pelted off downwind. I didn’t get a chance to look at the GPS again until I was ashore. I had to have a little chuckle to myself when I did though, as I’d matched Martins’ exactly, setting a new personal best for myself in the process – Beating my best speed from the Silver Samurai of 23.1 on its tiny foils.
Tim Laws (new owner of Jamming with Edward) was up and he took the Squirrel out for a spin while I did some camcording. I did have the headcam out for the morning session but forgot to start it! Will check out the footage and see if any of it is any good!
Helen was down the club reassembling the Blue Mouse after Weymouth and we did a bit of fiddling with new wands and bits.
Sunday saw a good 10-15  knot breeze and the chance for my first club race of the season which went pretty well, until the wind dropped halfway around the last lap. 
The second race saw me lap pretty much everyone twice and had caught 9 minutes on the RS200’s in half a lap. Need to go fishing for the race times somewhere and work out a handicap. Helen got out a bit later testing her new set up and seemed to be flying well and Alan has rematerialised at the club with a nice new CST mast and MSL 13 although he didn’t get on the water today.