A little bit of not-so-secret Squirreling

Fat Bottomed Girl is currently in the workshop, getting new trampolines (which fit!) and a new rig, so today I went sailing in the Squirrel. And jolly nice it was too.

It was a lovely sunny day at BCYC, with just enough breeze to go foiling. I was a touch nervous, as I had not been sailing for quite a while, but my nerves were soon proven to be superfluous. I hopped in the boat and blasted off across the lake with no worries whatsoever.

I *love* the Squirrel. She is sooooo smooooooth! The transition between lowriding and foiling feels so natural – the boat just wants to fly. The ride when on the foils was also extremely smooth and I think, if the Squirrel were a car, Jeremy Clarkson would be rather impressed.

My sail was cut short by a drop in the wind. Short but sweet, I would say.

During the week Mike had bought a new waterproof headcam thingy, which he took out whilst sailing his old lowrider (thanks Leo) and followed me around. Unfortunately, as I was so super speedy, he couldn’t really keep up with me. He will be putting up what footage he did manage to get though, as I think he wants to show off the enhanced picture quality, or something…

Maybe we will get FBG back on the water for Wednesday. That would be nice.


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