Post worlds comedown

Its been a few weeks now and things are slowly getting back into their usual swing. I’ve been busy doing a few tweaks to the Squirrel including making a new daggerboard with a few tweaks in (and the shocking pink colour again…). As long as the fine english weather provides me with some wind I should be getting back out on the water tomorrow.

Not put any pics up of the new boat yet, so heres a couple:
Em has been busy with the Fat Bottomed Girl too, we’ve got a new mast on her and a secondhand Hyde sail and a nice little list of pimps to get her sorted.
Not too many events to look forward to this year, but Falmouth should be pretty cool along with a mission to the Norfolk Punt club (Andrew Friends home club) for tea, cake, a sailing club on a raft and mudweights to anchor the boat with!

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