Blown Away!

Well, so much for the light winds worlds that were predicted around the globe! Yesterday’s practice race was blown off, with massive gusts hitting the harbour. This proved a good thing for some, particularly Mr. Thomas A. Whicher, who came on holiday with no clothes but those on his back. I took him on a mammoth shopping trip in the afternoon and he is now fully kitted out, although he did put back the wife-beater vest emblazoned with the words: ‘If found please return to the bar’. Disappointing.

The evening saw a nice bit of grub at the academy’s opening ceremony and we were even treated to a cringe-worthy speech by Bristol’s very own Alan. The shame!

Overnight it felt as if the weather would get the better of the caravan, but we awoke to find it still in one piece. We were also greeted by pelting rain and more high winds. After an initial postponement, the racing was canned all together, due to more heavy winds. The rain cleared up, though and the sun put his hat on and came out to play. Hoorah.

Mike and I headed over to Portland Bill this afternoon and were awed by the amazing waves. We were particularly impressed by the cheek of the seagulls, who appeared to have embraced the British mothie spirit and were enjoying a nice pot of tea! Photos will follow….

Today’s special mention must go to the Cookie Monster, who managed to lock his keys in his van this morning. Soooo embarrassed when calling the AA…what a t*t!