Some More Jam

Wednesday came around again, this week with a more sensible breeze. 10-12 knots and sunshine – lovely. Mike had made a few tuning changes to his boat, so went for a spin to check the set-up before I took the helm.

When I first got started this week, I had a few troubles remembering how everything worked, but once I got sorted I went for some brilliant blasts across the lake. I think I was lasting a lot longer before crashing this week and, on occasion, crashed only because I had reached the other side of the lake!

I decided, though, that this was not the best option and it would be much more sensible to actually attempt to learn how to change direction. So, I did some tacking practice. While my tacks are neither very fast, nor terribly graceful, I am pleased to say that they get round now. This is a big yay for me, as I never really got the hang of them in lowriding FBG, due to her excessive bum buoyancy. So, I was pleased. I also managed one very exciting bum-in-the-air gybe (and I am no longer talking about the boat’s bum). This new style of gybing may not yet have been embraced by mothies around the globe, and may not be as fast as their more conventional techniques, but I think it should get points for style at the very least.

Anyway, I was pleased with the day’s progress and even hit a new top speed:

Next week I hope to take my own boat out. For starters, she has righting lines, so it won’t take me ten minutes to get the rig out of the water after every capsize. We have also done a bit more work to the control system, so as to lose less lift in the system, so hopefully she will be behaving well. I will, of course, let you know.


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