Weird ol' Weston

For some reason, I have yet to attend an open at Weston that has decent breeze – This year was no exception. 5-10 knots and all over the place was the recipe for Saturday and we all got a showcase of early foiling by Mr Vials. I however managed to hit the wrong corner pretty much every time and barely escaped with a couple of 5ths, managing to be last at the windwark mark at least twice…
James Roche played host on Saturday night with the highlight of the weekend, a BBQ full of goodies which went down very nicely.
Sunday had more breeze, but still pretty marginal at times. A minute off the start line and I was in the water trying to tie my kicker back together again, 5 minutes later and I was off again. upwind pace was good and by the second windward mark I was up to 5th and just behind Alex Adams in his new M3 mod.

Unfortunately for me, I went out looking for wind on the run and came downhill too close to the zapcat course where their support rib had the good manners to gun it right infront of me causing a nasty stack and a broken control rod… Day over – by the time I was back in most of the second race was done and no time to get out for the third.

Anyway, pace was good, more tuning options underway and the Nationals is the next event. Roll on Weymouth

Heres a couple of pics of Alex’s new boat – Name suggestions included Skeletor and Scary Pirate Swingball, which while not relevant has to be the most entertaining name for a boat ever…

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