Skinny-Bottomed Foiling: wings well and truly earned

I did it!

Today I took out Jamming with Edward and I flew….like, really.

We got to the club at about 2pm to find bright, beautiful sunshine and an 8-10knot breeze – perfect conditions my first real flight. Before I launched I was pretty nervous, as this boat is Mike’s baby. I was scared of breaking her or, for that matter, hurting me. But I couldn’t chicken out, the conditions were just too perfect.

So, off I went, and boy did I go! It was amazing just how much less effort is required to get flying in that boat than in mine. You just sort of sheet in and pop up – incredible! It took a few blasts across the lake and some frustrating capsizes before I got the hang of it, but with a bit of grit and determination I got there.

I don’t think there are words in the English language to describe that feeling. It is just magical. I think the silence is what makes it so special; you just glide along and make no sound. Except, of course, for the whooping. There definitely was whooping.

And there were crashes – pretty impressive ones at that. Unfortunately the last left me with a dead arm and I had to abandon ship and be rescued by my rib-driving knight. But that was after the most awesome sail of my life. I think the grin will last for days!

No GPS, so no top speed, but here is some evidence:


Now to get FBG going properly…unless anyone has a foiler they wish to donate, of course 😉

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