Gawp Ban

Today I visited Aardvark HQ to say ‘hello’ to my shiny red boat. She had spent the winter hanging from the workshop roof and today was the day she was to be brought back down to earth. To begin with she wouldn’t talk to me, as she felt she had been neglected for the last few months, but after some dusting of cobwebs and general TLC she was happy to have a bit of a chat.

And what did she say? Only that she was loving the high life and could she please fly more often!

So, ladies and gentlemen…get ready with your gawp bans for Fat Bottomed Girl is about to take to the skies as the UK’s first (I believe) babe on foils. She has maintained her full-bodied figure very well over the winter and will only be getting hotter as the foils are added…what a thought!

Here are a few pics of progress so far:

I would like to note that both she and I were very brave when the drills came out!

Now let’s just keep an eye on the forecast for the weekend….