Saturday Sailing

Alan, Tom W and myself all managed to get out for a bit of a sail at Cheddar on saturday with varying degrees of success.

Tom was reassembling his boat after some tweaks at the workshop and had forgotten to thread the mainsheet and had to go back in! unfortunately some flap problems put paid to his day.

I got out and had a good hour doing upwind/downwind and carrying on practicing the gybes and trying to do them with less warning to myself so I should be better in pressure situations.
I had a couple of pretty big downwind sessions at 20+ knots and every now and again heard a loud clicking noise… Turned out my threaded bottle screw for the gantry was slowly popping threads so figured I’d best make a line for the shore before something really nasty happened!

Alan was out for ages and is still working on his gibing with varying degrees of success – he had a bit of a play around outside the club with my recording from the shore – I will try and get the video up shortly…

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  1. Oi! Slander! I didn’t ‘forget’ to tie the mainsheet, the damned ratched wore through its strop.Hot looking foils on FBG btw 😉

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