Dinghy Sailing show 2008

Great show for the Moths this year, with 3 moths on stands in the show plus Si Paynes Prowler Zero on the main stage for the mid afternoon talk. I didn’t really get much of a chance to look around due to a lack of hands on the Moth stand which meant Em and myself were on it pretty much the entire weekend… Thanks to Tom Whicher who did the Sat PM slot and then came back for more on Sunday and even helped pack up and get the gear in the van!

The Moths:

Mike Airey at BR UK had managed to get a boat onto the Spinlock stand

The Chiz had his new Velociraptor on the Carbonology stand – it was barely finished in time and was missing a few vital items and the cleats were held on with double sided tape but it looks pretty funky and will no doubt be quick once he gets the rest of it.

The Moth stand had Jamming with Edward on it, along with a load of funky cartoons by Em, plenty of photos from Garda, new video. Edward had a shinier Satin black finish for the show, along with some nice green graphics and foils – should be enough to make people reach for the sunnies once the sun comes back to England. (We just had 1/2 inch of snow/hail fall in 5 minutes at the workshop!)