Silver Samurai

Well, the new boat is nearly ready. Still a small list of things to sort on it (like getting the daggerboard to fit without the use of a mallet) but I should finally get a sail in on Wednesday which leaves all of a week to get some practice in before the worlds in Italy!

Roll on Garda…

2 Replies to “Silver Samurai”

  1. Wow mike. Very slick and looks clearly well executed. Just hope you and it are up to your best potential at Garda. Like the cutback deck idea… seems to incorporate some ideas that have been tried down here in aus on a few boats in a better way (instead of building the hull and wings separate and mounting the wings on cantilevered mounts, you’ve reduced the possiblity of failure by eliminating the weak link – the wing mounts). Very smartly engineered.Have you put it on the scales yet?How does silver compare to adam may’s new mistress mod (which is yet to make it’s internet debut)?jon(internet mothie with a new boat in the wings AUS936X)

  2. Couldn’t say about Adams boat, as it will debut when he lets it…I have weighed it, but in a roundabout fashion so with wings/tramps/fittings and boom its 17 kilos. Not sure how much mast/sail/foils are yet – will put a grand total up when I get that far!No way I will be up to my/boats potential by Garda – I’m just going for a holiday!As for the cutback deck, I had it on the last boat too, but not to the same degree…

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