OK Mast Development

We have been working hard on preparing new mandrels for the production of a new carbon OK mast. The prototype mast is now in the hands of Terry Curtis and has already won its first open meeting. Pricing is expected to be very competitive with the C-Tech offering.
For more information please contact terry@aardvarkracing.co.uk

Busy Ninjas

It’s been a busy summer at Aardvark HQ. We’ve been knocking out Ninjas as fast as we can manage and have plenty on the books going forward. If you are after a new Moth to take on the world, you’d better get in touch fast before we’re all booked up!

Jason Belben sailed his Ninja to 10th place at the recent Moth Euros in Switzerland, with a couple of top 5 positions during the event. Mike Cooke and Ben Paton both featured in the top 20. Both sailors spent very little time on the water before the event, suggesting that good things are to come next season.

Ninja rules the Steve Nicholson race

Mike Cooke, sailing the first of the 2010 Ninja,s took first in the foiler fleet at the Steve Nicholson race with two race wins. Alex Adams was runner up, sailing a Mistress 3 fitted with Ninja foils.
Cookie had a battle on his hands in the first race with a snakes and ladders style race. There were lots of holes and plenty of opportunities to mess it up. Cookie took the win from Alex in a close finish. The second race was in a bit more breeze, allowing Ninja Tuna to show her stuff. Cookie took the win by over half a lap, causing the race committee some confusion in the process!

Floppy takes to the skies

Katherine Knight took to the skies over the weekend in her new Floppy. The foiling Oppy was dreamed up by Adam May a good few years back and it’s great to see the project come to life – especially as the Floppy is powered by Aardvark foils!
While Adam missed the fully airborne shot (followed by an abrupt crash, I would imagine with that blunt bow!) she shows plenty of potential. I’m sure there will be more to come!

Ninja 2010

After a few weeks of hard graft post-wedding, the new 2010 Ninja is now in production (ok, about as production as we get here – we build to order).
Tweaks include a new nose shape, with the mast a bit further back for improved aerodynamics, a very slight reduction in freeboard for less drag once airborne, and a smaller wing frame assembly for lighter weight and lower windage tramps.
I’m super pleased with it and looking forward to getting Ninja Tuna flying. No, yours doesn’t have to be pink.

Ninja gets results

The UK Moth Nationals took place last week and saw a new national champion crowned! Cookie, sailing the prototype Ninja, took three race wins and the overall trophy after a hard fought battle with Rod Harris in his Prowler Zero and Mike Lennon in his Mach two.
Full event report is here…

Moth prices updated

The Ninja in actionThe International Moth page now has an up-to-date price list on it, along with a list of optional extras.
This season has kept me pretty busy with foils for conversions and homebuilds. I am going to carry on supplying foils to anyone who wants them, in any state of completion. If you have a project on the go and need verticals, horizontals or a complete set, please get in touch.